Last September, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing newborn TWINS! Two precious little baby twin boys from Indiana, PA! The family was just one of the cutest little families I’ve ever worked with! And the babies were the most well behaved newborns I’ve EVER had the pleasure of photographing. 

Newborn Twin Baby Boy Photo Shoot at Home | Indiana, PA

Mom and Dad chose to have an in-home lifestyle photo session with me. I love these types of sessions because I’m always really able to capture the environment the babies live in their first few months at home. How the nursery looks. How tiny those little hands and feet really are. And, the real and raw vulnerability of new parents. These are heirloom photos that the boys will be able to look back on and see how their lives were from the start — photos that will help to tell their story.

These two adorable little fellows were complete superstars! We did have them both naked for just ONE photo. Mom, Dad and I didn’t want to risk leaving them out of their diapers for too long — especially with so many light colored surfaces. But they were perfect little angels the whole time! No accidents and nobody got peed on! We promptly put the diapers back after I got my shots, though. We didn’t want to test our luck.

Overall, it was a great shoot! Mom and Dad were absolutely glowing the entire session. Were they tired? Sure. But I could tell that these two little guys were going to grow up in a wonderful home full of love and joy. It was a true honor to be able to capture these joyous little memories on film. I wish this wonderful family all of the best! Way to go, Mom and Dad, for bringing two more wonderful little lights into the world!

Pittsburgh Newborn Photography Sessions with Krystal Healy Photography

I absolutely ADORE newborn photo sessions. Most of the time, there’s no need to take the little ones out of the home. I know being a new parent can be exhausting, I so try my hardest to cater to you as much as I can in terms of getting the shots you’re comfortable with.

If you’re in or around the Pittsburgh area and looking to do a newborn photo session with your new little love, I always encourage parents to schedule the photo shoot early on, when the baby is still only a few weeks old. Babies are tired little lazy bums in the beginning and that always makes for a much easier session on everyone, including the newborn.

Feel free to GET IN TOUCH with me and let’s schedule your newborn photo shoot so that we can capture those wonderful little memories before they are all grown up!