A few months back I decided to hold a “Love Story” contest.  The contestants were to send me their own love story and a few pictures to go along with it.  From that point I posted them on facebook and left them open to “Like”.  At the end of the week the couple with the most likes won the contest and were to receive a free engagement shoot and 20% off a Wedding Collection.  Let me tell you that Melissa must have called every person she has ever met to make sure they voted before the last few minutes were up!  (A big thank-you to all her friends and family. You all really came through in a big way…)

It was close.  You can read the entry on my facebook page here!

So ANYWAY, they met at Kennywood all those years ago, and shared many firsts there, so when it came to deciding where they should have the engagement session it was a no brainer! I was more than excited for this- it was my first time shooting and engagement session at Kennywood Park… Kennywood was more than welcoming, they let us in at 9am and had someone walk around with us and turn the carousel on so we could get some pictures on it.  This is one of my favorite engagements.  Take a look at some previews (There are a lot on facebook too!) and leave a comment, let me know what you think!  <3 Enjoy – Krystal