YOU GUYS — I wrote this blog post before Mia came and never posted it! DOH. Well here it is, along with more in the next few weeks of her birth story and some portraits I took of her in the hospital! Schedule your lifestyle sessions with me people!

So as many of you know, my husband and I are expecting a little girl very soon.  We are SO excited. The end of this pregnancy has been a bit rough on us and I haven’t been able to really do much.. I even had to cancel my maternity session… SO the other day my fabulous second shooter came over and took pictures of us.  In five minutes because that’s really all I could handle. I am so glad to be a photographer and have the ability to capture these moments for others, so I am glad to have a few for our personal albums.  I love lifestyle maternity photos and am excited to show these to you all.

I also wanted to share a few of images of her nursery! Enjoy <3

Pittsburgh MaternityPittsburgh MaternityPittsburgh Maternity

I am so excited about that Cinderella carriage – Mia’s picture is going to look great in there.  (Thank you Derrick and Karissa~)Pittsburgh MaternityPittsburgh MaternityPittsburgh MaternityPittsburgh Maternity*FAVORITE*
Pittsburgh MaternityPittsburgh MaternityPittsburgh Maternity

We can not wait to meet you baby girl!