How to make the best out of bad weather on your wedding day!

We live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It rains here. A lot. It’s also beautiful, and the people are fabulous. We love our city! With that said, it doesn’t mean you should turn a blind eye to our temperamental weather when you’re planning your Pittsburgh wedding day. Always be prepared – that’s our motto! Bad weather happens, it could be rain, or snow. What should you do? Here are five tips on how to make the best out of bad weather on your wedding day!

Ways to Make the Best out of a Rainy Wedding Day

Have a Rain Plan with your Wedding Venue

When making a choice on a Pittsburgh wedding venue, choose one that has a backup plan. This especially applies to outdoor venues. What their rain plan? Is there a tent available? Can your outdoor wedding ceremony be moved somewhere indoors? Make sure that the rain plan is something that still makes you happy. If the back-up ceremony location is a dimly lit, dingy barn instead of a sweeping sunny hillside, that’s not a surprise you want on your wedding day. Review your plan B when you’re selecting your venue. 

Think through your Wedding Photos

If it rains, where will you do photos? Have you seen wedding photos taken there? Do you like how they turned out? As a wedding photographer, I am happy to help with this. When there isn’t light, I can make light, but your vision of your wedding and your wedding photography is important.   

Dance in the Rain

Are you adventurous? If you’re open to it, we can get GREAT photos in the rain. With and without an umbrella! There is magic that can happen in the rain with the right light!  

[h3]Remember your Bridal Party

If your venue doesn’t provide them, I recommend purchasing enough umbrellas for your entire bridal party. I have some as well! It’s nice for you to pick out your own though, just in case. Plus, pictures with everyone holding matching umbrellas against the stormy sky can be very dramatic. 

Rain is Good Luck!

Don’t stress! They say rain on the wedding day is good luck. Who doesn’t want to start their marriage with a dose of good luck!?

Rainy Day Wedding Photography

Last wedding season (2018) I had MAJOR rain on 5 out of 33 weddings. That is quite a bit! But, in each of those weddings, we were well prepared with a rain plan and my couples took it like absolute champs. We were able to make wedding photo magic. A few of my couples actually told me they *HOPED* it would rain so they could get some photos like the ones I’d been posting. It’s all because of the preparation! 

If you’re ready for it, rain on your wedding day isn’t an issue. And for me, it’s a fun challenge to think outside of the box. Please enjoy some of my favorite rainy-day wedding portraits! And thank you to my associate wedding photographer, Lizzy for the rainy-day photos over at The Gardens of Stonebridge!

Featured Pittsburgh Rainy Wedding Day Venues:

Succop Nature Park

Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens

The Gardens of Stonebridge

Five Pines Barn