I had an amazing time late last October shooting an awesome fall engagement session for Kory and Angela at Riverfront Weddings near Aspinwall Park, PA. We had an absolute blast! It was great getting to spend the day with them. These two are so in love!

Kory & Angela’s Fall Engagement Session at Riverfront Weddings in Aspinwall, PA

Angela and Kory are just so magnetic! They fit together perfectly. I was so excited to do this shoot and get to know them a little more before their big city wedding at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh.

Better yet, they picked one of the venues they had toured as a spot for their engagement session — Riverfront Weddings and Aspinwall Park! It’s relatively new and I have been dying to shoot there for ages. When we discussed doing the engagement session there, I was beyond ecstatic! 

Riverfront Weddings is just a great venue all around. They have a fantastic dock that is great for taking pictures, especially while the sun is setting. They boast sort of a contemporary approach to wedding venues. The architecture is very modern and minimal while being enveloped by the natural beauty of the surrounding areas. Needless to say, it’s the perfect spot for any and all wedding events. I was so glad they let us shoot the engagement session there!

We went in late October when we finally got a touch of color on the leaves and it was pure magic. I loved all of the sun-drenched images we got. It will be a good contrast to their big city wedding over in the Rivers Casino!

Kory and Angela, I can’t wait for the big day! I know this was just a taste, but I’m so excited for the two of you! You two are so in love and it really shows. Keep on being awesome and I’ll see you both soon!

Pittsburgh Engagement Photography | Krystal Healy Photography

I love engagement shoots! They can be a fun little break for a couple while planning their wedding. An engagement photo session is a great opportunity to get away for a bit with you and your fiancé. A day dedicated to you and your love for each other. 

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