Carlos and Melinda 

Gateway Clipper Wedding!

I can’t even tell you all what a FABULOUS time we had at this wedding.  It was my first one back after having Mia and it was a blast.  The Gateway Clipper will always hold a special place for me because it’s where I met my husband Ben! It brings back all the warm and fuzzies.  Not that I needed help in that department on this wedding day – Melinda and Carlos’s families were making me laugh and tear up the whole day.  Everyone was so kind and fun to be around, you can tell how much these two are loved!

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Doesn’t Melinda’s Dad look so dapper? I LOVED this shot my second shooter Jessica snagged of him! ^^ www.krystalhealy.com

Meanwhile … Manny was with the gentlemen capturing them getting ready for the festivities! www.krystalhealy.comwww.krystalhealy.com

Melinda and Carlos met and live in NY – (where they met and fell in love!) but celebrated with us in the burgh where Melinda is from! There story is so cute, I’ll leave it here in Melinda’s own words for you on how he proposed.

“It was the first day of my new job and I stayed late at work. Carlos kept texting me 4,5,6,7 o’clock and I kept replying I was at work and would be home later. He orginally wanted to talk a walk with Grace, our puppy, along the river in the park and propose there but when it got dark he went with option B and he asked if I wanted to go to dinner to celebrate my new job and I declined because it was getting late and I was tired. He then went with option C: cook my favorite meal and ask at home.
I got home at around 8:30 and arrived to a wonderful dinner. Carlos made me a plate and I sat on the couch, unknowingly on the ring. I ate dinner and watched TV and never getting up. Carlos kept trying to get me to move and switch spots. I wasn’t having it, as I was comfortable and telling him about my day. I finally got up and went to take a shower. He finally took the spot on the couch he wanted (where the ring was) and I cuddled up next to him. He told me that he had another motive to staying behind with my parents when Morgan and I went to the rehearsal dinner for Heather. He said he asked my dad to marry me. I thought he was joking and I asked what he said. He said dad said no. I said I you serious and he said no. He was joking and got on one knee and asked me to marry him with the ring. I cried and said yes. “


A version of the “first look”! ^^^ www.krystalhealy.comwww.krystalhealy.comwww.krystalhealy.com


Photographers: Krystal Healy Photography – Krystal | Manny and Jessica

Venues: Sheraton Station Square

Gateway Clipper Fleet – Duchess

Melinda’s advice to future couples – “Relax and enjoy!!”