Jessie and James

Five Pines Barn Wedding

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   What’s one unique thing about your relationship?

  • “Conveniently, we are both as open to trying new and interesting ideas when it comes to food. We make unusual dishes to increase our health and both (usually) end up liking whatever we make.

    We dated one month before Jessie graduated and started off in a long distance relationship. James would go back to Jersey over the Summer but would pick up again when James returned. We were in the same area while James continued school. When James graduated 2 years later, he moved to the Pittsburgh area for a job. The relationship was long distance again for another year and we traveled 5 hours to see each other twice a month. Jessie moved out to live with James 2 years ago.”

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I asked these two to have the rain with me. Id say mission accomplished 🙂 — Don’t let a little rain stop you from getting great photos! You just have to be prepared for it.

Venue: Five Pines Barn, Irwin PA

Photography: Krystal Healy Photography (Krystal & Jody)